A stay in hospital is almost imperative in cases of severe depression, should the mother be experiencing suicidal thoughts, psychoses, or if the home surroundings present additional stress. Mothers receiving in-patient treatment should not be separated from their babies, as the separation of a mother from her baby is often counterproductive to the mother's recovery. Even in very critical cases where the baby is not admitted at the start of the mother's treatment, it should be a hospital that can accommodate the baby later. Mother and baby units are unfortunately not yet available nationwide in Germany and the facilities of the units that do exist differ considerably in terms of therapeutic offers, staff resources, the qualifications and specialisations of experts, and the space available. You should therefore compare the information given about the different units (see Mother and baby units) or contact the Schatten & Licht office (see Contact Us). It makes sense to choose a good institution (e.g. offering interactive therapy for both mother and child) because your therapy will work quicker, even if it means you have to be farther away from your family.