An increasing number of women are discovering natural therapies as a way of dealing with light depressions or, in severe cases, to supplement other medical treatment and/or psychotherapy. There are different methods that can be used under the supervision of a GP or non-medical practitioner, such as:

Bach Flower Therapy
For Edward Bach, illness was the outcome of a conflict between the Higher Self and the Personality. Any character trait can be lived as an either strength or a weakness. Bach Flower Therapy is intended to support the strengths. The method cannot be proven in scientific terms.

Samuel Hahnemann discovered that, in order to be cured, we need to choose a medicinal product that creates a similar complaint to the one that needs to be healed. For example, a remedy causing mild fever can reduce a fever if given in a highly diluted form. Initial aggravation shows that the chosen remedy was the right one.

Medicinal plants are consumed by animals intuitively and belong to the oldest, undisputed and most natural remedies known to man.

Vitamin, mineral and trace element therapies
Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, potassium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids in particular are being used increasingly to support recovery.