If mothers are not getting enough support from family and friends, they can turn to other care offers, some which are (partly) financed by the health insurance system:

Mother assistant:
The mother assistant "mothers" the mother. She offers relaxation techniques and reconstitution exercises, gives advice on all questions concerning health and other worries, is responsible for the mother eating healthily, offers baby care support and organises the housekeeping. (www.muetterpflege.de)

Family assistant
The family assistant organises the housekeeping and looks after the (elder) children (welfare organisations such as Caritas and Diakonie in Germany)

Doulas (ancient Greek: "doulalei" = woman's servant) accompany women during birth, ensure comfortable surroundings, offer relaxation exercises and strengthen the relationship between mother and baby (www.doulas-in-deutschland.de, www.doula-info.de).